Welcome to RLA church


RLA Church is a family. It’s a family where you will find hope, healing, growth, and help. No matter how you got there, we’re happy you did.

Our Ultimate 3 Pillars:

• Love God. Love yourself. Love all people.


Who We Are: 

• Our mission is to restore the city of LA with the love and power of Jesus.

• We’re an organic, grassroots church that loves God and LA. • For details of who we are, visit RLA’s DNA page.


What We Believe:

• To visit the fundamentals of what we believe, go to the RLA’s DNA under “Basic Beliefs.”



• Are you going through something complex and tough?

• We have incredibly wise mentors that can walk with you.

• Email us (rlachurch@yahoo.com) so that we can connect you to one.


Our Departments:

• Usher’s • Children’s • Worship Team • Media • Small Groups • College Group



• Sunday gatherings at 11:30 AM

• Worship Nights every other month on Saturday nights

• Small groups during the week.



• Be sure to check out our recommended resources.

• There are different topics that you can grow in (marriage, finances, philosophy, your walk with God, health, etc.)


More Questions?

• If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to  CONTACT US.