Senior Pastors

Our senior pastors are Hanelory and Rene Molina. They began the Spanish church in 1986 with 30 people in a garage of South Central LA. From there, they began growing and moving from location to location. Until 1995, they raised over $200,000 to buy an abandoned theatre on 4409 W Adams Blvd. Because of the great growth that the church was experiencing, they were able to open other campuses: the Valley of San Fernando, El Monte, Oceanside, South Bay, Santa Ana, Bakersfield, South Pasadena, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Portland, Oregon, Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Texas, and Adelaide, Australia. Also, missionary work has been done in Guatemala, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and many other countries.

RLA Church came from a Pentecostal denomination. Our senior pastors are known for their passion for God and for the next generation. Because of these passions, in 2009 they decided to reform the way of "doing church.” They are pioneering ministry in inner-city Los Angeles, faithfully following what God sets in their heart.