Denis rUIZ

Every Other Tuesday - 7:00 PM (MEN ONLY)

This small group is for men only and it happens every other Tuesday night at 7:00PM by the Dodger Stadium. For more questions and/or details, contact us.


Every other Wednesday - 7:30 PM

This small group is lead by Steven and Nicole and its for the RLA BAND members only. The purpose of this small group is to create a better chemistry among themselves which will the band create a better worship. Please contact us  if you'd like to join this small group or if you'd like to join the RLA BND.

keily and rene molina

Every Thursday - 7:00 PM

This small group is lead by our pastors Rene & Keily Molina. This small group is open for everyone and its held at the RLA Church. the purpose of it is to continue growing in the spiritual and in the natural. Please contact us  if you'd lie to join this small group.

Chelly & liz 

Every Other Thursday - 7:00 PM (WOMEN ONLY)

Our women's small group is currently on pause. We'll be announcing on here and on social media once it resumes. If you'd like to join a small group or if you'd like to start one, please contact us.

College small group

Every Friday - 7:30 PM

Our College Small group is for all of our college students and its lead by Sara, Eli and Jeff. They meet every Friday at 7:30PM behind the RLA House. The age limit for this small group is between 17-20 years-old. Please contact us with questions or concerns in regards to this small group.


Every Friday - 7:30 PM (EVERYONE)

This small life group is led by Tomas and Jessi Hernandez and it open for any one who wants to grow in the spiritual and in the natural. This life groups meets every Friday at our Spanish ministry building.


Every other month.

This is a small group that is by invitation only because they discuss very intimate things about their life.


Contact us to reserve a spot in our small groups meetings.