Pearl and Robert are key mentors to the RLA Church family. Their wisdom and example are a foundation to our church. They have a heart to mentor and pastor. Keily and Rene rely on them for counsel and wisdom and support. They are loved by the community.


Marta Fuentes

Children's Ministry Director

As the RLA Kids' Ministry, we are dedicated to teaching children about the love of God. We show them practical ways to implement the teachings of Jesus in their daily lives. We pride ourselves in creating a safe and fun environment where children are equipped with the knowledge that they are loved by God. The ministry is led by Marta, who has a desire to know and love on all future generations of this world.  


Edwin Lopez & nicole alvarez

Worship Directors

  Nicole is the pastor of the worship team. Her main goal is to make sure the relationships, hearts, and lives of the members on the team are healthy. Edwin is the director of the team. He makes sure they are functioning effectively. He is in charge of the logistics of the team.



College Director

At RLA Church, we care about those graduating from high school. The statistics for graduating high school students staying connected to Jesus are very unfortunate. We hope to change that. Jeff is going to be pastoring, with a team, college students by caring for them and walking with them. If you’d like to join Jeff, please email us.


Erica Bravo

Outreach Director

What’s the point of building a church if we’re only focused inwardly? How are we presenting Jesus to our community if we only focus on us? Jesus said we are salt and light. The world needs the church, God’s family. Araceli is going to be leading RLA Church in ministering and serving our community and city. She has a burning heart for those that don’t know God. If you’d like to join Erica, please email us.


Diana Vasquez

Ushers Director

The goal of the Usher's Department is to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable, taken care of, and welcomed. Their intent is to have every guest and member experience the word of God to its full potential, because we believe that God's message can transform and impact lives. As a team, their aim is to be strong, hardworking, and dedicated to their department. Diana’s and the team’s main desire is for people to be healthy spiritually and experience God's love. 


santos martinez

Media Director

Santos works hard to manage the social media, website, and visual art. In addition, he is currently going to school for graphic design. If you would like to get involved in this department, please contact us.


liz mollinedo

Creative Director

We don’t just want to do things, we want to do them well and creatively. Besides pastoring and listening to people, Liz is very creative. She will be directing the creative aspect of RLA Church. For those special days in the year (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter, etc.), Liz will be decorating the RLA House, the place where we gather on Sundays.contact us.


If you'd like to be part of any team, please contact us.